MRI guided Radiotherapy

Treatment table with integrated 3 DoF

  • Large longitudinal travel range
  • Flexible API
  • Kevlar board

Flexible patient
positioning in MRI

Low patient entrance height
Available for different kinds of masks

Various types of tabletop boards available

Interfaces for MRI accessories integrated in board

More range for open MRI radiotherapy devices

Additional movement in lateral direction

  • MRI guided Radiotherapy
  • Prostate cancer
  • Adaptive planing
  • MRI guided proton therapy

3-DoF couch for MRI guided radiotherapy

  • For ring based and open MR devices
  • Fully integrated cable management for coils and headphone
  • Open for various indexing systems
  • Low entrance high
  • 3D movement

Innovative MR couch

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  • Safe and economical solution
  • 28 years experience
  • Easy to integrate

RPS base MR

Improve your MR linac with a flexible couch.
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Interfaces for MRI accessories integrated in board

Built in connectors for patient intercom (panic button, head phone) and body/head coils


  • More range for open MRI radiotherapy devices
  • Interfaces for MRI accessories integrated in board
  • Various indexing systems available

RPS base MR

  • Longitudinal movement
    up to 2600mm
  • Low entrance height

  • Additional lateral movement

Various indexing systems available

Keep your accessories thanks to free board choice


  • More range for open MRI radiotherapy devices
  • Interfaces for MRI accessories integrated in board
  • Various indexing systems available

MRI guided Radiotherapy

Compatible with various thermal mask systems Sub degree correction

Stereotactic radiotherapy for the brain is extremely precise. High single doses can be directed very specifically at the affected tissue during radiotherapy for cancer of the head and neck. This is important because radiotherapy for the brain inevitably takes place in sensitive structures and the surrounding tissue must be spared as much as possible. Special equipment for radiotherapy, such as the add-on RPS head, ensures that the patient’s head and neck can be immobilized during radiotherapy. There are various face masks for radiotherapy. Both one-piece and two-piece face masks are used for radiotherapy. The RPS Head is suitable for both types of face mask – while existing mask types can still be used. The RPS Head provides angular corrections for optimal patient alignment and the successful treatment of cancer in the patient’s head and neck.

  • More precision
  • More protection of health tissue

Prostate cancer

sub degree correction for better results easy adjustment

Stereotactic image guidance results in an even higher quality of radiotherapy. This is because stereotactic image guidance means that imaging takes place directly on the irradiation device, so that ongoing monitoring enables greater precision and thus greater safety for the patient. The side effects of stereotactic radiotherapy can be significant, especially in brain tumors, if the optic nerve or other important structures pass through the treated area. In order to reduce the side effects of radiotherapy as much as possible, a great deal of time is invested in planning the radiation treatment. Imaging techniques are used to optimize the radiation angle and dose to avoid side effects. Immobilization devices for radiotherapy, such as the RPS head, ensure that the patient’s pre-calculated position remains in place during the actual radiation treatment.

The RPS head is a cost-effective device for immobilizing the head and neck. It allows important angle corrections and is supplemented with a mask individually adapted to the patient.
  • Anytime prepared for precise correction
  • Available for all devices

Adaptive planing

Improve the success rate of brain cancer treatment Pinpoint radiation for the life beyond

Radiation therapy for brain tumors is usually given in several steps:
• Diagnosis and indication
• Planning of brain radiotherapy
• Simulation of radiotherapy for the brain tumor
• Delivery
• Follow-up care

Radiotherapy equipment images improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy for brain tumors. In the radiotherapy plan, the location and size of the tumor can be precisely identified through imaging. Physicians and radiation physicists jointly determine the radiation dose on the basis of CT images on the computer. The radiation fields for brain radiotherapy are checked in a simulation and devices for fixation, such as the RPS head, are adapted.

  • Compatible for all thermal masks
  • Compatible to all indexing systems

MRI guided proton therapy

Also available for Tomo therapy
systems Improve the accuracy

According to industry estimates, the radiotherapy market is growing by six to ten percent each year. Studies on the global growth in the radiotherapy market correlate with the increase in cancer cases. Accordingly, brain cancer radiotherapy will also continue to grow. Combined with new therapies, brain cancer radiotherapy will further improve patients‘ chances of recovery in the future. Today, numerous brain tumors can already be prevented from growing further by radiotherapy, which can delay the course of the disease by years. A very good treatment option in the field of radiotherapy is tomotherapy, in which the rays can be directed at the patient from all sides. Supplemented with the RPS mini and the RPS Head, angular errors can be corrected to optimally position the patient.

The RPS Head is an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool for adjusting angles in all three directions by up to 4 degrees. The interaction of both systems results in optimal radiation results in radiotherapy of the brain, while side effects are avoided as much as possible.

  • Correct the angle deviation of the immobilization setup
  • Easy to use add on
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Motion management during treatment. Correction of motion during radiation in combination with surface scanner


RPS Mini

Multiple brain metastases corrected via XVI Data
The 6 DoF add on couch allows correction after cone beam CT.

RPS Fixedbeam

RPS fixedbeam

Innovative solutions in radiotherapy treatment. Open a new direction of cost reduction with gkteso.

RPS Fixedbeam

RPS Base

More range for more correction possibilities. Angle correction up to +/- 5 degress on each axis.